Solar Pool Heating

  • Manifold and Grommet (pack of 5)

    Unique 10-1 Manifold which connects Hydromatt & Thermolite collector directly into standard PVC pressure pipe. Simply drill a 14mm hole where you require the connection, push on the collector tubes, fit the grommet, and push the Manifold directly...

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  • PVC Solar Matting Kit

    Description Thermolite is a 10 tube PVC solar collector, the special formulation makes it even more resistant to UV, chlorine and micro-organic attack, Thermolite is available in both black and colours to blend with your roof and has a demonstrated...

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  • ReadySolar Kit 5 Sq/M

    High Quality / Low Cost ReadySolar can be installed almost anywhere on the roof of your house, garage, porch, shed, pergola or directly on your lawn. The only important requirement is a sunny location i.e. north/northwest facing surface to ensure...


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  • Roof Flexistrap 30mtr Roll

    AMR Flexistrap is ideal for attaching Hydromatt & Thermolite solar collector to a metal roof. Simply run the strap over the collector and fasten using self drilling metal roof screws. Available in 30 and 60 mtr rolls.

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  • Solar Matting 25m Roll (4 Sq/M) Rubber

    Hydromatt H.D. is a black heavy duty 10 tube solar collector manufactured from the highest quality EPHL synthetic rubber, it has a demonstrated life of over 20 years with a 10 year warranty. Effeciently heats your pool Built to last in the harsh...

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