Solar Controllers

  • Digital Solar Differential Controller (SC3D)

    Digital Solar Differential Controller (SC3D)

    Description   The SC3D  is a micro processor based used to heat your pool/spa from your solar collector. The controller does this by sensing the temperature on the roof and the temperature of the pool. If the roof temperature rises 7°...

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The solar controller is the ultimate controller of your solar pool heating system, as the name of the device suggests it controls your solar heater. The main function of the solar controllers is to turn the system on and off when the water has been heated to desired levels.

With an automatic system you can have the leisure of enjoying your swimming time without having to be worried about switching the system on and off.

The solar controller is the most essential part of the whole system but it is often neglected by many. When the temperature of the pool drops below a certain level, the controller switches the system on by itself and the water starts heating. They can also be manually operated so you can choose when to switch your system on and off. All our solar controllers are made outside of Melbourne, they are designed to survive the climate of Australia, and can be trusted to provide you with a long operating life.

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