Pool Pumps & Accessories

At Hydromatt we are well aware of the importance of pool pumps in a solar pool heating system. We know that it plays an essential role as it is the main component which circulates the heated water from the filter to the pool. We have it of various types and accessories are available.

We have two main variants when it comes to pool pumps, the aqua booster or the AB series. This type can be used for various types of functions such as an above the ground pool pump, a solar pool pump or a circulating heating pump. The second type of variant is the SS Sunsol series, this type of pool pump is perfect for the pools where there is low pressure and flow, it has been particularly designed for pools that have been built above the ground. They are highly efficient and affordable when compared to other types available in the market. The products that we offer are of premium built and they provide you with a long and durable service life. When purchasing a pump from us you can have the complete confidence that you have found the right and trustworthy company for your home.

When it comes to our clients we make sure that nothing less than the best is provided to them. Each and every one of our pool pumps has been designed and crafted to provide you with the ultimate benefits a value for money services.