Pool Blankets & Rollers

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At Hydromatt we know all the best ways to ensure that your pool gets heated in a quick and efficient manner. Alongside our solar, we also recommend a pool cover to boost the process of heating the water of your pool.

While your pool is covered the sun’s rays will pass through the cover and heat your pool water more quickly than just using a pool heater alone. The covers function like a greenhouse in that they trap the heat underneath. By using a pool cover you will ensure that your water remains heated for a much greater time.

Cleaning a swimming pool is a daunting task, and one not many enjoy. Cleaning by hand is often inefficient, and will leave behind leaves, debris, and other impurities in your water. By having a pool cover it will stop the foreign objects from entering the water in the first place, making the job of cleaning much quicker and easier.

The fastest and most efficient way to get your pool cover on and off of your pool is by using a pool roller. We have a variety of rollers in stock, and can mix and match some parts to create the perfect solution for your pool.